Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2011

December Daily... ( photo heavy)

Endlich komme ich dazu, euch die ersten Bilder von meinem December Daily zu zeigen. Ich habe keine besondere Ordung oder Reihnefolge, sondern ich schaue einfach, was wir an dem Tag gemacht haben ( es muss nicht immer etwas weihnachtliches sein, sondern kann auch einfach nur das normale Leben sein) und suche danach dann die Fotos, das Papier und die Embellishments aus.

Finally I have the time to show you the first Pictures of my December Daily. I don´t have a specific order so I just wait what we did the day ( it doesn´t have to be something related to Christmas – it can also be the normal daily life) and then I select the pictures, paper and the embellishments. 

Habt noch einen schönen Tag.
Have a great day.

Lieben Gruß / Love

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  1. I read your post today (2012) about the December daily and since I had a remote idea what would that be I check your 2011 December daily and I loved this. You dont know but inspired by a Facebook follower I made a cute small 25 days of Christmas album to chronicle the month. Eh! I cannot believe you been doing this all along. Il post later this week. So inspired by yours...and in your honor I will call it December daily!! Love you friend! (btw, ate some German food this weekend...yummy pork) ;)